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Katarina Hyltén-Cavallius appointed national legal expert for Sweden for the European Commission’s MoveS Network

Katarina Hyltén-Cavallius, Assistant Professor of Law at the upcoming Department of Law at Linnaeus University, has been appointed the national legal expert for Sweden within the European Commission’s MoveS Network.

The Network for Free Movement of Workers and Social Security Coordination (MoveS) provides the European Commission with legal expertise in the areas of free movement of workers, Union citizenship, and social security coordination through thematic legal reports and analytical support when considering developments in the EU legal framework, assisting them with the investigation of complaints, petitions, and legislative change.  

MoveS also plays a role in increasing experts’ and practitioners’ knowledge on these issue in the respective Member States through the organisation of seminars, information-sharing, and engagement of stakeholders in the public and private sectors, including, inter alia, civil servants, academics, lawyers, judges, and NGOs.  

Katarina Hyltén-Cavallius assumed her position on October 1 and has taken over the role as Sweden's national expert in MoveS from Martina Axmin, Juris Doctor at Lund University, whom the government appointed as the general representative for social security.

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