Kosmo on stage

Kosmo’s dream is to improve the work on mental health issues

Psychology student Kosmo Barkat Ullah is passionate about preventing mental health issues in society. Through his dedication, he applied and was accepted to the Clinton Global Initiative University, a programme that provides students with support and resources to develop innovative solutions to society's most pressing challenges.

He describes how his studies on the psychology programme at Linnaeus University have given him a good understanding of mental health and the importance of timely interventions.

"During my internship in adult psychiatry, I realised the significance of early and preventive measures to reduce people's suffering. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much emphasis on preventive measures when it comes to combating mental health issues in society," he says.

The Clinton Global Initiative University is a one-year programme run by the Clinton Foundation. The programme accepts a number of students from around the world who are committed to developing innovative solutions to society's most pressing challenges. Kosmo applied and was accepted.

"At the beginning of this year, I received confirmation that I was accepted into the programme and was invited to meet Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton at a three-day event at Vanderbilt University in the USA," he explains.

Kosmo in conversation with Clinton
Kosmo in conversation with Clinton.

The conference gave him inspiration and motivation to continue his work. It also allowed Kosmo to meet other students from around the world, exchange ideas, and establish new contacts.

"My dream is to achieve societal change when it comes to preventing mental health issues. Currently, I am working on developing an intervention programme that I hope will contribute with something innovative to the field," he shares.

Through the programme, Kosmo gets access to a mentor, support with establishing an action plan, financial assistance, and expertise to further develop his idea.
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Brief on intervention programme
An intervention programme is a structured plan or strategy designed to change behaviours or situations that may cause problems or negative consequences. Intervention programmes are used in various fields, such as health, education, and social work.