Students  work in the forest

New master's programme with focus on forestry for green sustainable development

In autumn 2024, the master's programme in Forestry for Green Sustainable Development, 120 credits, will start. The programme is unique, developed in close collaboration with the forestry industry. The aim is to meet the forestry sector's need for expertise to manage forests sustainably.

The need for new knowledge in the field of forestry is the reason behind the programme's initiation.

"There is a significant demand for labour and expertise across the entire forest value chain, from forest management to the production of more sustainable forest products", explains Erika Olofsson, lecturer in forest management and the programme coordinator.

Compared to other forestry master's programmes, this one has a more southern Swedish profile combined with international elements. The programme-defining courses are designed to meet the forestry industry's needs.

"The programme includes four defining courses on forest ecosystem services, the climate benefits of forests and climate adaptations, digitalisation in forestry, and forest damages", Olofsson continues.

With a flexible structure, the goal is to broaden interest in the programme.

"The target group is those who want to specialise in forestry and the forest value chain; both those with a previous background in forestry and those who have studied other disciplines, such as social sciences or law. The programme will be open to both national and international students", Olofsson explains.

Collaboration with the forestry sector is an integral part of the education to provide students with practical experience.

"Students will collaborate with companies and authorities in the forestry sector and receive an education strongly linked to research, both from Linnaeus University's research environments and international research groups", Olofsson continues

Olofsson describes that the programme opens doors to several career paths within the forestry sector.

"After graduation, one can work as a specialist in the forestry industry, as a forestry advisor, or a forestry expert in government agencies. There are also opportunities in other industries that require forestry expertise. The programme also opens opportunities for an international career, or doctoralstudies for an academic career", Olofsson concludes.