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New master’s programme with focus on media, democracy, and human rights starts this autumn

Media has become increasingly important for questions relating to democracy, equality, and human rights. In autumn 2023, a new master’s programme will start at Linnaeus University for those who wish to analyse and gain a deeper understanding of media’s role in society.

The programme has been designed as a response to the societal development where democracy is being challenged in different ways and where media plays an important role both in reporting about and influencing developments.

The swift and shifting media development in society has created a great need to understand the role and impact of media regarding public service announcements, political communication, cultural expressions, and social mobilisation – a need covered by the programme.

“We want to provide the students with the tools they need to become active agents in the media development that affects democracy, human rights, and regulation of the media in an international context”, says Magnus Danielsson, senior lecturer in journalism and programme coordinator.

The media development has also given rise to a number of complicated policy and legislation issues both nationally and internationally, which must be handled by future policy-makers and legislators.

“There is a great need for media competence in all sectors in society. The programme contributes with in-depth knowledge. The combination of media and communication science and entrepreneurship, as well as the specialisation on policy issues and regulation of the media, is unique”, Danielsson continues.

The programme is aimed at future researchers, social commentators and decision-makers who have the ambition to contribute in a responsible way to the development and regulation of the media landscape – based on democratic ideals and principles, regardless of national and geographic affiliation.

“This programme will give us decision-makers, researchers, leaders and development managers within the media industry, analysis experts within political and non-profit organisations, journalists, media strategists, and communication managers with special competence”, Danielsson concludes.