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Recruitment group puts forward proposal to reappoint Peter Aronsson as vice-chancellor

“The recruitment group is in agreement to advocate a reappointment of the vice-chancellor. All hearing groups are positive about a reappointment, which is why it feels good to put forward this proposal”, says Anders Henriksson, convener of the recruitment group and member of the University Board.

On 20 January, the University Board will meet to decide on the proposal from the recruitment group. The University Board’s decision then serves as a recommendation to the Government, which formally appoints the vice-chancellor at the university.

“Linnaeus University is in the midst of a development phase where the vice-chancellor has had a clear commission from the University Board to work in line with the higher education institution’s governing documents Vision 2030 and Goals 2025. In just a few years, Linnaeus University has established itself as a strong university. The vice-chancellor and the whole organisation have carried out tremendous work. Our collective assessment is that it is important that the work towards the vision and the goals that has been initiated continues”, explains Henriksson.

During the hearing process, the recruitment group has encouraged all hearing groups to submit proposals for improvements that can further develop the university’s activities. Some of the things that have been put forward concern process planning and internal communication of certain issues, clarity relating to the interdisciplinary knowledge environments that are being established, and a need to clarify the process for allocation of internal research funds.

The recruitment groups summarises the proposals from the hearing groups by pointing out areas that can be further developed during the upcoming term of office:

  • Increased focus on equality and diversity, both for quality-assurance of decisions and at recruitment to management positions
  • Improve the conditions for students’ and doctoral students’ individual development journeys
  • Implementation and follow-up of decisions and internal communication
  • The development of knowledge environments and internal allocation of research funds
  • Balance between the vice-chancellor’s internal and external visibility

“The recruitment group is thankful for the proposals and comments that we have received. This is a golden opportunity to contribute with ideas to the vice-chancellor’s office to further strengthen Linnaeus University in the coming years”, Henriksson establishes.

The staff organisations stated their support for the recruitment group’s proposal at the MBL negotiations.

The vice-chancellor is appointed by the Government for a maximum of six years following a proposal from the University Board. The appointment can be renewed, however not more than two three-year terms. At present, Peter Aronsson is appointed vice-chancellor at Linnaeus University until 30 September 2023. The reappointment concerns the period 1 October 2023 until 30 September 2026.


Anders Henriksson, convener of the recruitment group and member of the University Board, 070-517 60 30