Peter Aronsson, Vice Chancellor

The University Board puts forward proposal to reappoint Peter Aronsson as vice-chancellor

Linnaeus University’s board puts forward proposal to the Government to reappoint Peter Aronsson as vice-chancellor. The decision was made at an extra board meeting this Friday.
“The board stands unanimously behind today’s decision and this is very pleasing”, says Kerstin Hermansson, chair of the University Board.

The board’s reappointment proposal will now be submitted to the Government, which formally appoints vice-chancellors at Swedish universities.

“The board members see that Peter Aronsson is competent and has a good reputation. His great commitment and ability to collaborate with the surrounding society are of great importance to the university”, Hermansson says.

Hermansson points out that during the last few years, the university has made important strategic investments, worked purposefully with interdisciplinary environments, and put great focus on external funding. These are all parts of ongoing work in accordance with the university’s governing documents Goals 2025 and Vision 2030, and the board thinks it is crucial that this work is completed.

“Linnaeus University is currently in the midst of an exciting development stage”, Hermansson continues.

As an example of this, Hermansson mentions that in less than two years Linnaeus University has doubled its external research funding from the major financiers, including, among others, the Swedish Research Council, the Kamprad Family Foundation, and the EU. The university has gone from SEK 163 million in external research funding in 2020 to roughly SEK 286 million in 2022 (the figures for 2022 are still somewhat preliminary).

“The board can establish that the hard work to increase external funding, with focus on research collaborations, is starting to bear fruit”, says Hermansson. “The university is also currently working intensively with the important work with education strategy and lifelong learning.”

In addition to increased external funding, Linnaeus University demonstrates a clear development curve over the last five years, with more students, more members of staff, more researchers, and an increased number of scientific publications.

The development is very pleasing and shows that Linnaeus University has become one of the larger higher education institutions in the country, with relevant education, research, and collaboration, both from a national and an international perspective”, Hermansson concludes.

”I’m grateful for today’s decision and humbled by the task. We have a lot to continue working with and I look forward to the upcoming years”, says Vice Chancellor Peter Aronsson.


Kerstin Hermansson, chair of the University Board, + 46 706-32 72 80
Peter Aronsson, Vice Chancellor, +46 470 76 74 98