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The University Library this summer

The University Library is open all summer but with limited opening hours and services.

Opening hours and contact

Introduction to the library

On the webpage ‘Introduction to the University Library’, you can find information for new students and more about the library’s services.

Borrow, return, reserve and order

You can borrow, reserve, order and return books throughout the summer. Orders from the other campus may take slightly longer than usual.  It may take a little longer to get answers to questions for students studying online.

Interlibrary loan inquiries and purchase requests can be submitted throughout the summer. Expect that it will take a little longer than during term time to get the requested material.

You can pay fees and ask questions regarding fees throughout the summer, but it can take a little longer than during term time to get answers to questions.


The last Drop-in for the spring term is on June 1. If you have questions about information search, you are welcome to the library during our opening hours or by phone or chat.

Booked appointments (search help, teaching, etc.)

  • Booked appointments are closed July 3 - August 23.
  • The booking form for teaching is open all summer but with an auto-reply from 3 July to 23 August. Notification of the request will come no later than the end of August.

The Academic Skills Centre

The ASC is closed  June 9th – August 28st and will not immediately handle requests between these dates. Any remaining consultation timeslots as well as self-study resources and next year's open lectures can be found in our open Moodle room

Reading Disability Support

Reading Disability support has limited service between June 26th –August 15st.  These services are completely closed weeks during week 28. 

Support for researchers

Support for researchers is provided throughout the summer, but it can take slightly longer than during the semester to get answers to questions