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Apply for Tomas Carlzon scholarship

With the Thomas Carlzon scholarship fund, Linnaeus University wants to recognize successful students on the Innovation through business, engineering and design program annually during the years 2023 – 2025.

The scholarship amount is 15,000 SEK per ear and one scholarship holder is awarded per year.

During his time as managing director of IKEA AB, Thomas Carlzon was an important person for the development of Växjö University and later Linnaeus University. He was known as a dedicated leader within IKEA but also as a mentor to managers outside the company. At the university, he became particularly involved in educational issues. The program Innovation through business, engineering and design, for example, would not have been developed without Thomas' strong driving force.


  • Students on the Master of Innovation semester 2 are eligible to apply - all three specializations.
  • Letter of motivation where you describe why you are applying for the scholarship, describe your future career plans and where it is clear how you intend to contribute with your leadership to many people.


  • Study performance (number of higher education credits (hp) taken in relation to the number of possible higher education credits during the first two semesters (60 credits). Control is made of total reported credits at the beginning of July.
  • Letter of motivation.

The application deadline is June 15 2023.
The application is made to Mark the application "Thomas Carlzons stipendiefond".

The scholarship is announced at the end of August/beginning of September and the awarding of the scholarship takes place at a scholarship ceremony at Linnaeus University on September 15.