Tradition, joy and celebration, as there should be, at this year’s academic ceremony

For the first time since 2020, Linnaeus University’s academic ceremony could be carried out in full scale, in accordance with tradition. Last Friday, Kalmarsalen was filled more or less to the last seat with guests who had gathered to celebrate Linnaeus University’s new doctors, professors, and honorary doctors.

Vice-chancellor Peter Aronsson commenced the grand ceremony and established in his speech, among other things, that Linnaeus University may be a small, but utterly important, part of the long-term work which is also our vision – to set knowledge in motion for a sustainable societal development.

“Today is a day of joy, but the war in Ukraine dampens the festivities, while we are also reminded of the urgent challenges we are facing; climate change, a questioned democracy, and human rights. We contribute with knowledge that is needed to meet these challenges”, Aronsson said in his vice-chancellor’s speech.  

Kalmarsalen was filled almost to the very last seat during the ceremony.

A total of 12 new professors were inaugurated and 24 new doctors were conferred. Six researchers and teachers received badges of merit for significant contributions in academia.

Two new honorary doctors, the sports coach Vésteinn Hafsteinsson and the artist Åsa Jungnelius, were also conferred and received diploma, doctoral ring, and doctoral hat.

Every year, Växjö and Kalmar municipalities hand out the award Stora Linnéstipendiet. The award is made up of SEK 500 000 and is to be used to support Linnaeus University’s research within sustainable ecological development. This year’s recipient of the award, Johanna Sunde, researcher at the Department of Biology and Environmental Science, received the award for her research on long-term sustainable management of Swedish oaks.

After the ceremony, there was a banquet for 400 invited guests, starting with starter mingle at Kalmarsalen’s glass annex and then seated dinner, which was followed by dancing well into the night.

“It feels incredibly good now and it’s so much fun that we could finally celebrate the academic ceremony in all its glory again! After the pandemic and last year’s divided ceremony, you could feel it in the air that this was something many were longing for”, Nanny Fransson, Linnaeus University’s event coordinator and ceremonial master summarised.

The speech to the new doctors was held by Disa Berghner, professor and vice-dean at the Faculty of Social Sciences and the professor’s speech was held by Niklas Salmosse, professor of English comparative literature.

The entertainment for the night consisted of, among others, a dance monologue in which the dancer César Garcia Steenson interpreted Charlie Chaplin’s The Final Speech from The Great Dictator.

Swedish Red Elephant, which is part of Linnaeus University’s Artist in Residence activities, performed the song Anybody Out There?

Doctors and honorary doctors who were conferred

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Malin Johansson Östbring
Doctor in biomedical science

Camilla Malm
Doctor in health sciences

Laura Seidel
Doctor in ecology

Lina Mattsson
Doctor in ecology

Laura Ferrans
Doctor in environmental science

Andrea Strinic
Doctor in psychology

Sina Shahabi Ghahfarokhi
Doctor in environmental science

Ola Nordqvist
Doctor in biomedical science

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Joacim Lindh
Doctor in the Swedish language

Manuela Lupsa
Doctor in the Swedish language with specialisation in didactics

Faculty of Social Sciences

Åsa Tugetam
Doctor in pedagogy

Åsa Delblanc
Doctor in pedagogy

Camilla Nilvius
Doctor in pedagogy

Erik Gustavsson
Doctor in pedagogy

Anna-Karin Eriksson
Doctor in political science

Birgitta Lundbäck
Doctor in pedagogy

Faculty of Technology

Tobias Olsson
Doctor in computer and information science

Jadim Ramsey
Doctor in terotechnology

Wen Jiang
Doctor in forestry industry production systems

Tadios Sisay Habite
Doctor in building technology

Nico Reski
Doctor in computer and information science

Grace Jones
Doctor in forestry industry production systems

School of Business and Economics

Katarina Ellborg
Doctor in business administration

Conferred honorary doctors

Åsa Jungelius
Designer and glass artist

Vésteinn Hafsteinsson
Sports coach

Professors who were inaugurated

Christian Waldmann
Professor of the Swedish language

Niklas Salmosse
Professor of English comparative literature

Torsten Löfstedt
Professor of religious studies

Dagmar Brunow
Professor of film studies

Karin Larsson Eriksson
Professor of musicology

Peter Skoglund
Professor of archaeology

Clary Krekula
Professor of social work

Per Strömblad
Professor of political science

Johan Fransson
Professor of digitalisation in forestry

Per Nilsson
Professor of mathematics education

Anna Jensen
Professor of forest ecophysiology

Achim Grelle
Professor of forest management with specialisation in climate benefits of the forest

Badges of merit

António Filipe Teixeira Macedo
Award to prominent researcher

Per Gerreval
Award to prominent supervisor within third-cycle education

Morgan Rydbrink
Award to prominent teacher for pedagogical skills

Charlotte Silander
Award to researcher or third-cycle student who has made significant contributions within societal driving force or for Linnaeus University in the world.

Anders Tengstrand
Award for contributions of special importance for Linnaeus University, called Linnaeus medal.

Stora Linnéstipendiet 2023

Johanna Sunde
Researcher at the Department of Biology and Environmental Science.
Kalmar and Växjö municipalities’ Stora Linnéstipendium of SEK 500 000 for research within ecologically sustainable development.