Två personer på scen som får pris

Winners of the Glass and Crystal Apples, 2023

At the School of Business and Economics' closing ceremonies at bachelor’s level, the student associations' award for teacher of the year was awarded, voted for by the students themselves.

In Kalmar, the award is called the Crystal Apple, and this year went to Hans Allmér, with the words:

Through his commitment, Hans Allmér has contributed to increased motivation and inspiration among the students to learn new things. The pedagogical approach has contributed to instructive lectures, engaged students and developing assignments. This form of teaching, together with visually strong lectures enables new and creative thinking where all thoughts and opinions are taken into account. By being humble, responsive and helpful, the teacher conveys a feeling that all students should succeed. A strong passion, constant motivation and constant quality are the three strengths that make Hans Allmér once again win the crystal apple in 2023.

"It is a great honor and an incredible joy to win the hearts of the students for the third year in a row," says Hans about the win.

Växjö's prize is called Glasäpplet, and was won this year by Martin Holgersson, with the words:

This year's winner is a teacher who sees every student and makes sure everyone understands. The person makes the lessons interesting and educational and is very accessible to us students on many different levels. The teacher is incredibly driven and committed who really wants his students to succeed with flying colours. It is a person who also meets the students in a good way and makes things that are less comprehensible more comprehensible.

Martin says: "It’s an honour, and it's a nice base to build on and continue to develop on."

Big congratulations on the win, Hans and Martin!