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Wanted: Four industrial doctoral students with a focus on data-intensive applications

The industry graduate school Data Intensive Applications (DIA) is recruiting four new industrial doctoral students for our partner companies Electrolux Professional, Virtual Manufacturing, Ankarsrum Electric Motors and Micropower. The posts are permeated by data-intensive methods such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

An industrial doctoral student at the industry graduate school Data Intensive Applications (DIA) is employed by a company and enrolled as a doctoral student at Linnaeus University. The company receives financial support from the Knowledge Foundation, which is the external funding organization that supports the graduate school. The doctoral student combines regular development work with a doctoral programme and receives support from a group of researchers at Linnaeus University as supervisors.

Electrolux Professional: Data intensive applications

Are you passionate about the intersection of big data and artificial intelligence in a real-world project and willing to collaborate with an industrial partner?

At Electrolux Professional, we strongly believe that the value can be generated by data and that the advanced usage of AI solution combined with data exploratory can help us better serve our customers and create better products.

In the role as a doctoral student, you will collaborate closely with our business leaders and other key players, to comprehend company objectives and identify data-driven strategies for achieving those objectives.

As a industrial doctoral student at Electrolux Professional, your job is to gather a large amount of data, analyze it, sort out the essential information, and then utilize advanced programming languages like R or Python to extract insights that may be used to increase the productivity and efficiency of the business.  

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Virtual Manufacturing: Virtual digital twin and digitalization of tools and methods for transforming to Industry 4.0

The vision and goal for Virtual Manufacturing (VM) are to create a digital platform called Virtual digital Twin (VT). The base of the platform will be a digital twin of a factory or office.

The VT platform will be used for improvement projects, maintenance, machine relocations, value stream mapping, tracking system – RTLS, inventory control, monitoring and management of factories. Furthermore, VT is expected to generate benefit for sales, site improvements, factories overview, product development, process development, management monitoring etc. VT will be connected to all kinds of systems and be the holder of information. The goal is also to do the daily work easier by creating methods and tools for digitalization in the transformation to Industry 4.0.

Field of subject for the position: Computer science or mechanical/industrial engineering (with software knowledge), or equivalent.

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Ankarsrum Electric Motors: Focus on simulation

At Ankarsrum Electric Motors we are continuously developing and optimising new and existing motor types. As we aim to reduce the lead-time and cost for these activities, we are confident that the installation and use of a simulation tool would be instrumental for achievement of these goals.

In the role as a doctoral student at Ankarsrum Electric Motors, you will build our simulation capability and infrastructure in close collaboration with our R&D team members and other key internal and external stakeholders. Your main initial task will be to establish, build and verify viable simulation models for our range of DC, universal and BLDC motors. Secondly, these models will comprise the basis for further optimising efficiency, performance, durability, cost, and sustainability.

The industrial doctotal student will be employed at Ankarsrum Electric Motors in Ankarsrum and enrolled in the graduate program at Linnaeus University. Therefore the position has some academic requirements that needs to be fulfilled.

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Micropower: Software and solutions

Located in Växjö, Micropower is now looking for an industrial doctoral student in data intensive applications. If you want to be part of Micropower’s constantly changing world and follow along on an exciting journey forward, this is the position for you. Software and Solutions is an increasingly important business area for Micropower and turning data into insights and solutions is a strategic success factor for the future. With innovative offerings we can add value to our hardware, help our customers make the most of their operations, optimize cost, usage and much more.

In addition to the formal academic requirements, we think you have experience in big data analytics, cloud, and AI. If you also have worked with visualization and are familiar with tools like React JS+Native and XD/Figma (or their equivalents), that would be beneficial but not necessary. Good knowledge of English, both spoken and written, is a requirement. The industrial doctoral student will be employed at Micropower Group in Växjö and enrolled in the graduate program at Linnaeus University. Therefore the position has some academic requirements that needs to be fulfilled.

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Other companies

Other companies involved in the industry graduate school DIA are Combitech, Fortnox, HL Design, Kuka Nordic, SKF, Softwerk, and Volvo CE.