Isbrytaren Oden uppifrån bland isflak på Arktis

Watch the film about the expedition to Arctic with Linnaeus University's researchers

The Arctic marine ecosystem is largely unexplored. Barely any studies have been conducted on the ice and ocean in the region. This film follows Linnaeus University's researchers on a three-month expedition to better understand how the Arctic Ocean is changing in a world that is becoming warmer due to climate change.

Facts about the project

The Arctic is changing rapidly due to climate change. To understand how the Arctic marine ecosystem is affected by global warming, researchers need better knowledge about the current conditions.

About the expedition

The polar expedition Synoptic Arctic Survey with the icebreaker Oden is part of an international collaboration organised by the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat. The goal of the expedition is to map the status of the Arctic ecosystem and any changes to it. A total of 38 researchers from various academic institutions were on board the icebreaker Oden.

In the autumn of 2021, a group of researchers from Linnaeus University's cutting-edge research centre in marine ecology, EEMiS, travelled to the Arctic to study the smallest parts of the marine ecosystem: viruses, bacteria, and plankton in the ocean. These small organisms form the basis for the entire marine food chain.

They returned with samples, new knowledge, and memories for life. It is special to live on board an icebreaker for three months, surrounded by an unexplored landscape of ice.

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