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Acceleration of agreements on research funding for sustainable transport

As previously announced, the School of Business and Economics and Carl Bennet AB have a four-year agreement to finance research in sustainable transport. The funding has therefore landed in the subject of supply chain management (formerly logistics), where several employees have conducted research in the subject area for a long time. The core of our research lies in the fact that environmental sustainability and fossil freedom can be achieved in collaboration between transport buyers and transport companies.

The above funding has been used as co-funding for Helena Forslund in two approved research projects, together with Maria Björklund at Linköping University and several companies (including Elanders, Lyreco, Systembolaget, Scania, Bring and DHL):

"Towards fossil-free freight transport through collaborative performance management" at Triple F (Fossil Free Freight), with the Swedish Transport Administration as collaborators. The project has a total budget of SEK 7 million and will run from 2024-01-01 to 2026-12-31. Hana Hulthén also participates.

"Forms of collaboration and working methods for a fossil-free, resilient and competitive transport system" at the Swedish Energy Agency. The project has a total budget of just over SEK 3 million and will run from 2024-07-01 to 2027-06-30.

The agreement on research funding from Carl Bennet AB has enabled and been geared up to larger applications, which have received very positive feedback from the external financiers. Together, we contribute to improving the sustainability of our transport systems.


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