Group photo of the participants in the project.

Collaboration meeting in the project The Entrepreneurial Museum

At the beginning of March, representatives from five museums in Småland and Blekinge met for a collaboration meeting in the project The Entrepreneurial Museum.

In the project, researchers work together with the museums to understand conditions, challenges, visions and opportunities for renewal and development. The project will also contribute to the development of abilities and new ways of working for museums to make themselves attractive in new contexts and towards new target groups.

During the day, they discussed, among other things, challenges that each museum faces in its work, such as how to meet expectations and at the same time be innovative, or how to become a natural place for conversations and debates in its field.

Each museum is working on a development project, and the researchers are involved as collaboration and discussion partners.

In the coming years, the museums, together with the university, will explore and test everything from organisational changes to smaller development projects.

The participating museums are:

  • Blekinge Museum
  • Kalmar County Museum
  • Kalmar Castle
  • Kulturparken Småland
  • Land of Legends

The Entrepreneurial Museum is a sub-project in the project InKuiS - Innovative Cultural Entrepreneurship in Collaborative Research.