People around conference table, photo.

Meeting for the Co-creation Council in the sub-subject entrepreneurship

Twice a year, the sub-subject of entrepreneurship invites its co-creation council to a meeting. The council is funded by the FLIARA research project and consists of more than 20 actors in the Linnaeus region. The members represent both the private and public sectors as well as civil society organisations. The aim is to contribute to the exchange of experience and the dissemination of research results. The council members also constitute an important network for the sub-subject's employees and have over the years contributed valuable contacts in ongoing research projects.

This time, the meeting was held in BusinessLab at Campus Kalmar and the theme was "Community engagement and outreach: beyond the boundaries of academia".

Joacim Rosenlund was invited to talk about collaborative research and representatives from the sub-subject talked about the projects FLIARA, Cultural Offering through Entrepreneurship Across Sector Boundaries, IoT for SMEs and HPC for SMEs. The presentations generated many engaged discussions in the Council, including on the challenges of developing established structures in a place or in an organization while taking into account the needs and values of different stakeholders. Several questions about potential collaborative projects with researchers and students were also raised. Here, the importance of communication was discussed already at the application stage.

The next meeting will be held in the autumn of 2024 in Växjö and then the focus will be on educational issues.