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New journal Art, Culture & Entrepreneurship

The first issue of the online journal Art, Culture & Entrepreneurship has been published via LnuOpen. Leader of the research group and the journal is Daniel Ericsson.

The issue crosses subject and genre and contains research, reviews and a newly composed musical work.

Art, Culture & Entrepreneurship (ACE) is a peer-reviewed online journal with open access, and also a platform devoted to the study of initiatives in the arts and culture sector to establish new forms of organized practices.

The journal is divided into three sections:

Articles - publishes papers that are sophisticated in the use of theories, empirical materials, and methods; well-positioned in regards to contemporary scholarly debates on art, culture, and entrepreneurship; and characterized by topical relevance.

Art works - curates different types of representations of entrepreneurship, such as short stories, essays, poetry, music, or visual art, intended to reflect, problematize and destabilize beliefs and values attached to initiatives within the art and cultural sector to establish new forms of organized practices.

Reviews - opens up a space for critical reviews on both academic and artistic works. To energize both scholarly debates and initiatives in the art and cultural sector to establish new forms of organized practices, the section not only welcomes book reviews but also reviews on journal articles, chapters in anthologies, conference proceedings, etc., and reviews on expressions of art, culture, and entrepreneurship, such as concerts, theatrical works, paintings, and literary works.


The Art, Culture & Entrepreneurship research group