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Donation offers unique opportunity for a new graduate school focused on creating successful companies in Kronoberg county

The Faculty of Technology and the School of Business and Economics at Linnaeus University will jointly invest in a graduate school focused on developing small and medium-sized enterprises in Kronoberg county. The effort is possible thanks to a private donation of SEK 10 million.

Facts – graduate school

A graduate school is a cohesive postgraduate education where several doctoral students and senior researchers work on projects within a more defined domain, with joint courses and seminars.

The graduate school contributes directly to the companies and develops company-specific and industry-specific competence. The research also provides broader general knowledge.

The donation has been made by Våge Svensson, born in Markaryd in Småland and formerly active in Kronoberg county's industry, among other things as CEO of Bröderna Hammarstedt AB in Växjö and Rörviksgruppen.

With the donation, Våge Svensson wishes to make a social contribution to Kronoberg and give something in return to the region where he has been active in business during most of his working life.

"We are very happy about the opportunities created for the School of Business and Economics and the Faculty of Technology to jointly establish a graduate school in this field, for the benefit of small and large companies in Kronoberg, in Sweden and throughout the world", say Susanne Ackum, dean of the School of Business and Economics, and Jesper Andersson, dean of the Faculty of Technology.

The goal of the effort is to establish a graduate school during 2024 with a focus on what creates long-term success in times of major technological shifts.

The results and the knowledge will be shared with companies to make it easier for them to develop and grow. Thanks to the donation, the first four doctoral students can now be linked to the graduate school.