Katarina on Swedish television

Katarina Hyltén-Cavallius speaks at the launch of Europaperspektiv 2024

Katarina Hyltén-Cavallius, Assistant Professor of EU Law at the Department of Law, Linnaeus University spoke in February 2024 at the launch of Europaperspektiv 2024 (Stockholm, Santérus Förlag, 2024).

This year’s edition – Volume 27 – focused on geopolitical tensions that the EU faces. The enlargement of the Union is once again on the agenda, and thus, raises questions about both the depth and width of EU affairs from legal, political, and economics perspectives. Katarina Hyltén-Cavallius’s chapter in the book is titled ‘Unionsmedborgarskapet: mot en fördjupad innebörd’.

The aim of the yearbook is to annually publish research-related contributions to promote a deeper understanding of the European union’s development and challenges in both the short, medium and longer term. The yearbook’s contributions make important research results available to the wider public in Sweden. Several Swedish universities’ departments for respectively; economics, law and political science – including the department of law at Linnaeus University – have collaborated with the Swedish Network for European Research, which each year produces a yearbook for European research, Europaperspektiv.

The launch of the Europaperspektiv 2024 book took place at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, at which Katarina Hyltén-Cavallius spoke, on Wednesday 7 February 2024. A speech was also given by the Minister for EU Affairs, Jessika Roswall. The event was broadcast live on SVT.

More info on the Europaperspektiv annual volume can be found here (in Swedish).