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Linnaeus University involved in four projects that received seed funding from EUniWell

Our European University EUniWell has recently awarded funds in its sixth seed funding programme. 34 applications were received, and eleven were funded. Linnaeus University leads one and participates in three of the projects. Already on 1 July, there are new opportunities for funding, as EUniWell's Seed funding 7 will be released.

Daniel Silander, Department of Political Science, and Jan Aidemark, Department of Informatics, have received funding for their project ‘Education for Democratic Citizenship and Well-Being’. The project is thus led by Linnaeus University.

The university also participates in the following projects that have received seed funding:

• ”Teaching controversial issues” lead by Nantés University, France.
Contacts: Mattias Lundin and Charlotte Silander, both at the Department of Education and Teacher Practice.

• “Cologne MESH Autumn Academy for Planetary Well-being: Cultivating Multispecies Conviviality” lead by University of Cologne, Germany.
Contacts: Jörgen Bruhn, Department of Film and Literature, and Ola Ståhl, Department of Design. 

• “Promoting Sustainable Biomedical Research and Education for Enhanced Well-being and Environmental Responsibility” lead by University of Florence, Italy.  
Contact: Ulyana Muñoz, Department of Chemistry and Biomedicine.