The 2024 Interpreting Conference

Associate Professor Kristina Gustafsson, a member of LNUC Concurrences, is invited to talk about and discuss contemporary and future challenges in the field of public service interpreting in Oslo on April 19 at an Interpreting conference organized by the Norwegian Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi).

The background of the conference is that two years after the introduction of the Interpreting Act in Norway, a picture emerges of an interpreting field that is developing favourably. Good interpreters help to ensure legal certainty and equal services for minority language speakers. The number of interpreting assignments carried out by qualified interpreters is increasing. So is the number of qualified interpreters in the National Register of Interpreters. This is a positive development in several areas, but we are still not quite there yet.

The theme of the Interpreter Conference 2024 is quality reform and development in the field of interpreting.

With the interpreting conference, IMDi wants to bring together everyone who is interested in the field of interpreting for an exciting and eventful day.

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