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New book aims to be the standard work in intermediality research

The newly released 'The Palgrave Handbook of Intermediality' presents a comprehensive overview of the field of intermediality, the study of when different art and media forms mix. The work with the handbook has been led by researchers from Linnaeus University.

The handbook is an anthology in which a large number of researchers in intermediality from all over the world have participated. The anthology comprises 47 chapters and 1 250 pages, ranging from ancient and medieval material to contemporary phenomena such as computer games, amusement parks, and environmental communication.

“This is the first real handbook in intermediality, with high-quality overview chapters that for many years to come will stand as the reference work in intermediality research”, says Jørgen Bruhn, professor of comparative literature and member of the book's editorial group.

About the relationship between different types of media

The field of intermediality research is about the relationship between different media forms and the meeting between different media. It concerns, for instance, what happens to the content of a book when it becomes a film or when a comic book becomes a computer game.

The handbook is primarily aimed at students and researchers. The idea is that it should provide an overview of both classical intermediality research, for instance, medium specificity, ekphrasis (description of art in literary form), or the relationship between music and literature, but also intermedial elements in climate communication or photojournalism.

Work on the handbook was initiated and led by Lars Elleström, former professor of comparative literature at Linnaeus University. When Lars unexpectedly passed away in 2021, the existing editorial group continued the work of compiling the handbook. It was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2023.

Participating researchers from Linnaeus University:

  • Jørgen Bruhn
  • Niklas Salmose
  • Matilda Davidsson
  • Beate Schirrmacher
  • Liviu Lutas

All are members of the Linnaeus University Centre for Intermedial and Multimodal Studies.

Editors of the handbook:

  • Jørgen Bruhn, Linnaeus University
  • Miriam de Paiva Vieira, Federal University of São João del-Rei, Brazil
  • Asun López-Varela Azcárate, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain


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