Two female student walking at Universitetskajen, Kalmar

New programme in legal science starts autumn 2024

There is a significant need in society for individuals with knowledge in legal methodology and in different legal fields. Autumn 2024 sees the launch of a new bachelor’s programme in legal science at Linnaeus University.

The programme is aimed at those who wish to learn about the role of law in society, legal methodology, and key substantive legal fields within, among others, civil law and public law.

"The programme provides general and fundamental knowledge in legal science and strong skills in legal methodology, which is useful for work across various societal sectors" says programme coordinator Katarina Hyltén Cavallius.

Katarina briefly explains the programme content.

”The first semester provides an introduction to the role of law in society and legal methodology in a national, EU law, and international context. Subsequent semesters focus on various core areas of law, such as civil and administrative law and procedural and penal law. There will also be a semester with optional courses, and the programme will then conclude with a thesis course.”

The programme provides theoretical knowledge necessary to understand legal issues and apply legal rules.

“The programme also has an explicit goal to alternate theoretical knowledge acquisition with practical elements in order for students to be able to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-life situations”, says Katarina.

The Legal Science Programme is about studying laws and regulations, and understanding how they should be interpreted and applied, which should be based on an understanding of the normative effect of law in society. You also gain strong analytical skills that can lead to various career opportunities within the social sciences.

“The Legal Science Programme – especially in combination with other social science subjects or economic studies – can provide a solid foundation for roles such as investigator or case worker at various authorities, or within the corporate sector”, concludes Katarina.

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