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Wanted: Three industrial doctoral students with a focus on data-intensive applications

The industry graduate school Data Intensive Applications (DIA) is recruiting four new industrial doctoral students for our partner companies AWA, SKF, and Virtual Manufacturing. The All three positions are permeated by data-intensive methods such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

An industrial doctoral student at the industry graduate school Data Intensive Applications (DIA) is employed by a company and enrolled as a doctoral student at Linnaeus University. The company receives financial support from the Knowledge Foundation, which is the external funding organization that supports the graduate school. The doctoral student combines regular development work with a doctoral programme and receives support from a group of researchers at Linnaeus University as supervisors.

AWA: Industrial Ph.D. student with a focus on AI

AWA is looking for an Industrial PhD student with a focus on generative Artificial Intelligence in Legal Tech. This unique position offers the opportunity to combine practical work experience at AWA’s head office in Malmö with academic research at Linnaeus University in Växjö.

The student’s primary responsibilities will be to analyse and develop tools using generative AI that streamline the consultant role and contribute to improving the quality of our delivery. Initially, the focus will be on examining the patent process from different perspectives and security aspects. The student will get a lot of freedom to influence the content of your role, where your contribution will greatly impact the company’s results. Example of areas where we think generative AI could be useful are generating draft patent application descriptions, quality assessment of texts such as patent claims, patent descriptions, drafting responses to office actions, translations of different documents etc.

The industrial doctoral student will be employed at AWA in Malmö and enrolled in the graduate program at Linnaeus University.

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SKF: Industrial Ph.D. - AI-driven product design automation

In collaboration with Linnaeus University, SKF is looking for an industrial PhD student to work on the topic of using artificial intelligence to automate engineering design and product development. The student will join a multidisciplinary team of researchers and engineers who are developing innovative solutions for the design and optimization of mechanical systems. The goal of the project is to apply state-of-the-art techniques to automate the design process of various components and products, such as bearings, seals, and lubrication. The project will involve both theoretical and practical aspects.

The industrial PhD student within this project will be at the forefront of leveraging the power of machine learning and AI and make an important contribution to advance our engineering and design approaches and enable engineers and designers to create better products and services across various industries. The student will work closely with our business leaders, product development community, and university to develop AI solutions that enhance design processes and services. The student will be part of reinventing the current way of working by using new tools and technologies to drive towards the concept of Automated design.

The industrial doctoral student will be employed at SKF in Gothenburg and enrolled in the graduate program at Linnaeus University.

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Virtual Manufacturing: Virtual digital twin and digitalization of tools and methods for transforming to Industry 4.0

The vision and goal for Virtual Manufacturing (VM) are to create a digital platform called Virtual digital Twin (VT). The base of the platform will be a digital twin of a factory or office.

The VT platform shall be used for improvement projects, maintenance, machine relocations, value stream mapping, tracking system – RTLS, inventory control, monitoring and management of factories. Furthermore, the VT is expected to generate benefit for sales, site improvements, factories overview, product development, process development, management monitoring etc. The VT will be connected to all kinds of systems and be the holder of information. The goal is also to do the daily work easier by creating methods and tools for digitalization in the transformation to Industry 4.0. The student will contribute to developing foundations, design, implementation, and evaluation of the envisaged VT.

The industrial doctoral student will be employed at Virtual Manufacturing in Gothenburg and enrolled in the graduate program at Linnaeus University.

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Other companies

Other companies involved in the industry graduate school DIA are Ankarsrum Electric Motors, Combitech, Fortnox, HL Design, Kuka Nordic, Micropower, Softwerk, and Volvo CE.