The minister for higher education and research

The importance of inclusive perspective in research and education

The Minister of Higher Education and Research, Ms Helene Hellmark Knutsson, paid Linnaeus University a visit to draw attention to how collaboration and internationalization in education and research promotes a free democratic society.

During the five weeks of Linnaeus Summer Academy, interdisciplinary sessions are given where guest lecturers share their viewpoints with the students. The topics vary but tend to focus on cross-culturalism which is much of what Linnaeus Summer Academy is all about. Previous interdisciplinary sessions of this year's Summer Academy has been guested by Cecilia Uddén from Swedish Radio and David. E. Lindwall from the U.S. Embassy. This last session we had the honor of welcoming the Swedish Minister of Higher Education and Research, Helene Hellmark Knutsson.

Helene's visit highlights the cross-disciplinary aspect that Linnaeus Summer Academy stand for and how it participate in the world of an open education and research. Linnaeus University's effort for international and collaborative education and research enables us to develop an open environment which stands open to solve the problems of the future.

During her lecture, Helene stressed the importance of free and open education in working against problems we face such as fake news and climate change. For us to have actual facts as the base of how we perceive the world is of high importance when we want to solve our societal problems. Free, collaborative education and research that embraces digitalization and globalization is exactly what we need for doing so.

The lecture finished with the students being able to ask their questions to the minister.