[Solved] E-mail malfunction

Update 6/12 at 14:50
The problem with our e-mail solved last night, Thursday. It started with a server doing an unplanned reboot that had a big impact on our mail environment. This led to the mail system being inaccessible to many users for just over a day. However, the students' emails were not affected.
Both incoming and outgoing emails that were not delivered during the time the system was down have now reached.
If you find something that still does not work properly, contact IT support.
Update 5/12 at 12:50
About 40% of mail users are affected by the mail problems we have.
If you cannot access the mail on your computer, you can try using your mobile phone.
We are looking for external help to try to find a solution to the mail problems.
Update 5/12 at 10:00

There are still problems with the email for some employees. We are working on it to be fixed for all during the day.
We currently have problems with the email. Work is in progress to rectify the disturbance.