[Updated/Solved] Malfunction on LnuPlay (Kaltura)

Update 210315 16:00:

According to Nordunet, the malfunction is now remedied and Kaltura is up and working.



Update 20210315 10:38: 

Kaltura has problems again. Follow status here: https://status.nordu.net/


Update 20210315 08:15: 

The supplier informs that this issue has been resolved.


Update: 20210309 11:30

We and other universities in the Nordic region currently have major performance issues with our play service. This affects the ability to upload, edit and delete video from My Media (LnuPlay). Our provider NORDU.net is in the process of syncing databases and servers that have had problems, which affects performance (everything takes longer for the servers).

Unfortunately, the work is expected to continue for a few days, which we regret.

Avoid working with media in the middle of the day when the load is heavy. If possible, wait until evening or early morning. This affects work with media via both play.lnu.se and MyMoodle. Viewing media, on the other hand, seems to work normally.

Follow the status on https://status.nordu.net


There is currently a malfunction of LnuPlay (Kaltura)

Sunet troubleshoot.

For status see more here: https://status.nordu.net/