Meetings created in Moodle Zoom Bookings are missing

After the Moodle upgrade, it appears that the link between meetings created via the Zoom Bookings activity in Moodle and which course room they were scheduled in has been lost.

The meetings have not disappeared from the individual's Zoom account, but they are not visible in the list of booked meetings in the Zoom Bookings activity in the course room.

The calendar in Moodle, on the other hand, seems to retain the connection to meetings, which means that they can appear as upcoming events in the calendar.

There is no problem with new meetings created after the upgrade, but only meetings created before the upgrade and the problem therefore only applies to the Zoom Bookings activity. The regular Zoom meeting activity in Moodle works as it should.

Data connecting Zoom meetings and the course rooms is not located in Moodle, they are stored at Zoom. We are waiting for a reply from the supplier if it is possible to restore missing connections.

If you want to restore a missing meeting in Zoom Booking you can import it from within the activity. See the following article on how to do it: