[Solved] MyMoodle has capacity issues

2020-06-10 1:00 pm: Implemented improvement measures have been giving results and MyMoodle has been operating without interruption since May 28. The remaining improvement measures will be implemented during and after the upgrade on Monday.

2020-06-09 8:00 am: We have achieved stability and no new measures will be taken in existing environment. We are now focusing on the new environment that will be brought into production during the upgrade on Monday. The remaining improvement measures will be implemented in the new environment.

2020-06-05 14:15 pm: The system is still stable, otherwise no further information

2020-06-04 3:00 pm: No new information

2020-06-03 2:00 pm: The changes to the database that were implemented on Wednesday (27/5) have resulted in much greater stability

2020-06-02 3:00 pm: We have received improvement suggestions and we will make an action plan

2020-06-01 09:00 am: Hired consultant has come up with improvement suggestions regarding MyMoodle's database

2020-05-29 11:00 am: We are awaiting improvement suggestions from a hired consultant


MyMoodle has capacity issues just now due to intense use during the Corona crisis. In particular the use of Quiz tests has increased significantly and our present capacity cannot meet the increased demand.

Consultants are now helping us with troubleshooting.