Warning for scam emails!

Scam emails are currently circulating that may give the impression of coming from someone employed at Lnu. We encourage you to always check the real sender address.

We never request information by email and we urge you to immediately delete a scam email without clicking on any links. Also, do not give out any personal and/or account information.

Things that characterize scam emails:
• Linguistic errors such as misspellings, strange wording and poor sentence structure.
• Sensitive information is requested – account details e.g. e-mail addresses, credit card numbers.
• Prompts that often involve clicking a link or opening an attached file
• "Wins" from a competition you did not enter
• Short question or prompt to reply to the email, for example "Are you here?"

We have blocked the links, as well as blocked the sender addresses we know, but unfortunately they are often sent from different addresses all the time.

At Internetstyrelsen (Only in Swedish) there are many good tips on how to learn to recognize a scam email, how to create secure passwords and much more.