Important information from the IT department regarding phishing emails!

We call for increased attention!

We are seeing an increase in the number of hijacked accounts after users have received emails and clicked on links in emails.
This can have major consequences, for example that we are blacklisted by recipients and / or that the fraudsters come to all your data in eg file storage.


Think of:

The IT department will NEVER ask about your password!
The IT department will NEVER ask you to click on a link to verify your account or email account!
The IT department will NEVER threaten that the account will be blocked if you do not click on the link and get angry with your password or log in!

Entering your password (= logging in) on a web page is also giving away your password.

If you have clicked on a link in a phishing email and entered your username and password, you will need to change your password as soon as possible. Otherwise, at best, your account will be used to send spam and your inbox will be filled with "Delivery fail" email. In the worst case, your account information may be needed to access all of your data on your P: and the parts of the S: that you have access to.
You can change your password either via webmail or on an Lnu computer.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the IT department.