iCloud Drive Sync to Desktop and Documents will be disabled on 6/17 (Mac)

Starting June 17th, the ability to back up your desktop and documents folder to iCloud Drive sync to Desktop and Documents on your Mac computers will be shut down. We're moving to using OneDrive to back up the desktop and the Documents folder. This is part of our security work, and part of an effort to improve and streamline our data storage structure.

When the synchronization is turned off, it looks like the files on the computer's desktop and documents folder have disappeared. They haven't, but they've moved on. To access the files, open a Finder window and go to the iCloud Drive folder. Here are the folders Documents and Desktop with all the files you had there.

If you want to move the files back to the desktop and documents folder
Open another Finder window and go to your home folder. There are two folders with the same name but without files. To get all files back, you can easily select all files in Documents in iCloud Drive and drag them to Documents in the home folder, and then the same with Desktop.

If you have any questions or need help with the transition, please contact IT support for further assistance.