The city- integrated university

The city-integrated university

Through an integrated and visible placement in Kalmar, exciting and unexpected meetings will become possible. Meetings between researchers and students, and between the industry and the public sector.

These meetings can lead to the birth of creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial ideas. A city-integrated university contributes to a lively city centre. Both the university and the surrounding society will become stronger through the natural meeting places that are created in connection to the university. These ideas contribute to development on a regional as well as on a national and international level.

Organisation of the project

Members of the project. As the project develops, changes may be implemented to the project plan.

Steering group

Bo Bergbäck, chairman/contact person and pro-rector
Per Brolin, university director
Deans/pro-deans from all faculties
Ingrid Persson, chief communications officer
Marit Persson, Linnéstudenterna (the student union)

Christel Olsson, main project leader (reporting)
Karin Lundhgren, administrative quality coordinator (secretary)

Reference group

Vinko Midjich, ST, OFR/S
Monika Borgö, OFR/S (Swedish Teachers' Union)
Maria Bergström, SACO-S
Fredrik Hjort, substitute, SACO-S
Margaretha Bjerker, principal safety representative

Quality-assurance staff

Christel Olsson, project leader
Torbjörn Söder, responsible for quality, economy
Karin Lundhgren, responsible for quality, administration
Åsa Dahlin, responsible for quality, communication
Margaretha Bjerker, principal safety representative


This is the timetable according to which the university is currently working. Changes to the timetable may occur as the project unfolds.


  • Beginning of the year – commencement of building work stage 1.


  • Beginning of the year – demolition of Kalmarsundslaboratoriet
  • Beginning of the year – commencement of building work stage 2 and 3.
  • Stage 1 completed


  • Stage 2 completed


  • Stage 3 completed
construction stage