FAQ closing ceremony master level

Here you get answers to the most common questions about the closing ceremony master level.

How many relatives can I bring with me?
When you fill out the registration form, you may wish a maximum of five guests.

What does it cost to attend the closing ceremony master level?
Attending the closing ceremony master level is free of charge. It is a feast that Linnaeus University offers.

Which dress code applies?
Summerlike / dressed up.

Where will the closing ceremony master level take place?
In Växjö, the closing ceremony is held in the Christina Nilsson hall at Växjö Concert Hall and in Kalmar the closing ceremony is held at Kalmar Theater.

Is it offered any kind of food?

If I have studied my programme in Växjö but live in Kalmar, can I participate in the ceremony in Kalmar or vice versa?
The closing ceremony is programme-based, which means that you participate in the town where you have studied your master's programme.

What are the ceremonial times?
The ceremonial times are between 14-16 in both Kalmar and Växjö.

Who is invited to the closing ceremony master level?
The closing ceremony master level is aimed at students who complete their 1-year or 2-year master programmes or courses at Linnaeus University during the current academic year. Both international and Swedish students are invited.

If I take a degree at the undergraduate level or a teacher's degree, which ceremony should I register to?
Closing ceremonies bachelor level are arranged by the respective faculty. The same applies to the teacher education. You can read more about the closing ceremony bachelor level here.

I have registered to the ceremony but see no confirmation in my mailbox. What does this mean?
If you have registered and do not see any confirmation in your inbox, look in the junk mailbox. If the confirmation is not found there, send an email to avslutningshogtid@lnu.se.

What restrictions apply to the corona virus?
You are welcome to invite family and friends but considering the spread of the corona virus it is important that you keep close track of the development on relevant authorities’ websites (WHO internationally, The Public Health Agency of Sweden and The Ministry for Foreign Affairs nationally). In case the recommendations change, or in case authorities advise against travelling, Linnaeus University holds no financial or other responsibility for cancelled trips or the like.

Linnaeus University keeps close track of the development of the spread of the virus and we follow the recommendations from The Public Health Agency of Sweden. Note that these recommendations change continuously. At the moment, there is no indication of this, but in the event of a general spread of the virus large events like the Closing Ceremony may be cancelled.