Poster från utställning

Exhibition Mieke Bal

Different from most exhibitions, this display of 16 video screens and photographs
based on Cervantes’ 17th century novel Don Quijote aims to invite you
to enter the fictional world of the novel

With benches to sit down on, you can look as long as you like, and feel affected by what you see and hear.
These are situations of trauma, pointlessness, alienation, intolerance and difficulties
of communication. The form of the exhibition matches the poetics of
the novel. There is no linearity, neither chronological nor spatial. The screens
each present an episode from the novel as it pertains to the contemporary
world, without continuity among them.
This lack of imposed order leaves visitors in charge of composing their own
stories. The visual chaos, sonic cacophony, and linguistic confusion reflect the
contemporary world. Try to experience this display, where you are also on the
stage, as roaming around in a strange city.

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