Make Music Matter

Make Music Matter

Make Music Matter is a project run by Linnaeus University in collaboration with the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, Soundtrap - A Spotify Company, and Academy of Music and Business. The aim of the project is to give pupils new opportunities to work with music as a way of expressing themselves and as a means of communication, with the help of digital tools, and to make them develop an approach that promotes entrepreneurship.

Another aim is to offer music teachers skills development training in order for them to be able to develop their music teaching. This is carried out, for instance, through an annual music convent at Linnaeus University with interesting lectures, creative workshops, panel debates, concerts, entertainment, and mingle.

The aim of Make Music Matter

It is all pupils’ civil and democratic rights to get to express themselves and to be heard and listened to. It is also every pupil’s right to independently get to develop a musical keenness and to get to take part in and contribute to musical contexts. With the help of digital tools, it becomes possible to develop favourable learning environments that pupils experience as authentic and inspiring. Digital tools do not require as much skills practice as traditional musical instruments and can, therefore, shorten the path to musical and rewarding participation. From a vocational point of view, the digital tools have great potential to stimulate pupils’ creativity, curiosity, problem-solving ability, and musical confidence. Much of the music production that takes place in society today is digital and many Swedish songwriters and musicians are very successful on the global music market. Therefore, the leap from making music in the classroom to musical entrepreneurship does not need to be that long.

Three different registrations

In order to gain access to the full Make Music Matter package, you need to make three different registrations. These can be found on Linnaeus University’s website via the links below.

  1. Membership – Make Music Matter
    As a new member, you will get access to all digital tools (Soundtrap Education, the song app Sing Along), all Make Music Matter videos, and a 6-month free subscription as from 1 September. You can already now take part of the material by visiting se. Click here if you have been part of the project before.
  2. The school project Make Music Matter! STORIES#ForABetterDay
  3. Facebook Make Music Matter!

Make Music Matter! I Have A Dream! school project from 2019/2020: