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Sustainable events at Linnaeus University

At Linnaeus University we have guidelines for how to arrange sustainable events and meetings. The guidelines are linked to the 17 global goals in Agenda 2030 and comprise the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic dimension, the social dimension, and the environmental dimension.

Food and drink

The global goals 238 and 12


The global goals 791113 and 15


The global goals 8912 and 15

Target group and speakers

The subgoal 1, equality policy goals, and to global goal 5.

Participation and travel

The global goals 1112 and 13


The global goals 7 and 11


The global goal 12

Social aspects

The global goals 5 and 16

Linnaeus University is a member of the organisation GreenAct Kronoberg. Our guidelines concerning sustainable events and meetings are based on this collaboration.