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Academic Ceremony at Linnaeus University

The Academic Ceremony is Linnaeus University big annual celebration. At the Academic Ceremony, new doctors and honorary doctors are conferred, new professors are inaugurated, and academic awards are handed out. The next Academic Ceremony will take place on Friday 3 February 2023, in Kalmar.

As from 2019, Linnaeus University’s Academic Ceremony takes place on the first Friday after “Carl Day”, alternatively on “Carl Day” if that falls on a Friday. The ceremony is arranged every other year in Kalmar and every other year in Växjö. During this week new professors hold inaugurated lectures in either Kalmar or Växjö.

The Academic Ceremony - what is it about?

The academic ceremonies originate from the oldest medieval universities in southern Europe and have been arranged at Swedish universities since the 17th century. Linnaeus University held its first academic ceremony in 2010.

Every university and university college has its own academic ceremony. The conferral of doctoral degrees is a degree ceremony for those who have defended their doctoral theses during the year. The inauguration of professors is a ceremony with medieval traditions that celebrates the inauguration of professors.  

A chance to spread research

At the Academic Ceremony, it is academic achievement that is in focus and the subject of celebration. It is also an opportunity for the university to present its research initiatives to the general public.

The traditional professorial public lectures are held in connection to the inauguration ceremony and will involve the participation of all new professors. The inauguration lectures are held at Linnaeus University during the week before the Academic Ceremony. Everyone is welcome to attend these lectures and the conferral and inauguration ceremonies are also open to the public.

Below you can read more about the ceremonials; inauguration and conferral.