child doing his homework, mother watching, daddy in front of a laptop at a kitchen table

Seed project: Digital transformation of communication between school and home

The main objective for this seed project within Linnaeus Knowledge Environment Digital Transformations is to investigate digital communication between school and home.

Digital transformation of communication between school and home
Mattias Davidsson, Kristina Holmberg, Susanna Nordmark, Francis Palma
Project period
? 2021–? 202?
Core research areas
Educational technology, computer science and media technology, and pedagogy

More about the project

The shift to a more digital communication between home and school has not only improved the conditions for dialogue, but in some cases rather made it more difficult for both parties.The responsibility for students' development and upbringing is shared. At the same time, there are problems regarding digital tools being perceived as cumbersome and time-consuming, and thus not very useful either for parents, teachers or children.

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