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Everyday life and urban platforms in China and South Korea

The main objective of this seed project within the Knowledge environment Digital Transformations is to conduct an exploratory study of everyday urban platforms in Seoul (South Korea) and Shenzhen (China). With a focus on the technological everyday, the project aims to explore how diverse stakeholders in the urban platform economy imagine, create and experience urban platforms.

Everyday life and urban platforms in China and South Korea
Johan Vaide Senior (Lecturer in Sociology, Department of Social Studies, Linnaeus University) and Heidi Coral Thornton (PhD Candidate in Business Administration, Department of Marketing, School of Business and Economics, Linnaeus University)
Project period
Research areas in this seed-project
Urban platforms, business eco-systems, digitalization of space

More about the project

The use of platforms has become central to urban everyday life. Platforms function as intermediaries connecting several players for various kinds of transactions and interactions. Platforms intervene in urban space and make places part of platform ecosystems. The use of platforms has emerged into a unique socio-technical imaginary for creating urban spaces and social and economic relations. As scholarship on platform urbanism has focused on platforms in the West, there is a call for studies on the everyday multi-player creation of platforms and their construction of urban space in non-western contexts. With this in mind, the project conducts an exploratory study on the emergence of platform urbanism focusing on super-apps in China and South Korea. The study focuses on the (co)creation of the technological everyday of platform urbanism by diverse players, such as developers, content providers and end users.

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