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Seed project: The interplay of big data and AI to monitor and manage the tourism destinations’ sustainability (TERESA)

The main objective for this seed project within Linnaeus Knowledge Environment Digital Transformations is to investigate the process of developing and potentially implementing a sustainability framework for Småland and Öland destinations that is based on big data collection and processing.

The interplay of big data and AI to monitor and manage the tourism destinations’ sustainability (TERESA)
Marianna Strzelecka, Fisnik Dalipi, Stephan Reinhold, Zenun Kastrati
Project period
Aug–Dec 2022
Core research areas
Informatics, tourism

More about the project

Tourism can lead to ecological and environmental problems that change the lifestyles of rural communities, resulting in profound impacts on regional wellbeing. The challenge for tourism destinations is to understand and monitor the tourism indicators that affect sustainability.

Considering the Swedish tourism policy goals as well as Agenda 2030, there is an evident need to increase the understanding of the scope of tourism at the local and regional context by analyzing relevant indicators, which could provide better opportunities to evaluate and plan for tourism investments. Only through data and their correct analysis can stakeholders plan adequate interventions for the sustainable transformation of destinations. Moreover, technologies that couple tourists’ big data with machine learning techniques, if applied effectively, hold the potential to translate insights into more personalized and more sustainable offers that meet those tourists’ needs.

With this project our multidisciplinary project team aims for:

In the long run, we envision a larger project to explore avenues for AI based solutions for utilizing big data for destination sustainability (gather, store and mine the tourism-related big data, and use such data for planning and development for destinations). Also, this project will enable researchers from different fields at Linnaeus University (tourism and IT) and the tourism stakeholders to collaborate in different aspects concerning sustainability of tourism in the region.

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