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Seed project: The paradox of over empowerment: Does patient empowerment have its limits?

The main objective for this seed project within Linnaeus Knowledge Environment Digital Transformations is to investigate the impact of the digital transformation occurring to the healthcare services in relation to the individual empowerment.

The paradox of over empowerment: Does patient empowerment have its limits?
Imad Bani-Hani, Arianit Kurti, Zenun Kastrati, Patrik Elm, Patrick Bergman
Project period
Nov–Dec 2021
Core research areas
Informatics, business intelligence and analytics, digital transformation, health care, e-health digital artifacts

More about the project

The fast and advanced digital transformation happening to heath related services has presented us with a huge amount of health-related digital data that contains valuable information. Data analytics has the potential to process such data and provide us with meaningful and useful information, which empowers us for better decision-making.

However, the diversity of information we receive as individuals is huge. This makes the decision process for any situation more complex, and sometimes surrounded by ambiguity and uncertainty. Several dimensions affect our decision-making, such as technology used, our analytical capabilities, information stress and others.

The question remains: What is the ideal amount of information we need before our decisions are compromised? Is over empowerment real? There is a need to investigate the implications of information overload on empowerment, especially when such information is related to our well-being.

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