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Linnaeus University works with research, evaluation, collaboration and education within e-health. Read more about our master’s programme, courses, ongoing research projects and interdisciplinary research groups within the field of e-health.

The national ”Vision for e-health 2025” implies that Sweden will become best in the world at using digitalisation, products and services to solve the societal challenges of an ageing population and an increased need for individualised health care. In order to succeed, we must strengthen our research and qualifications in the field of e-health. 

Researchers at Linnaeus University play a key role when we, independently and evidence-based, educate, follow up, evaluate, and conduct research projects to enable a sound implementation and use of digital support in health care. 



Kalmar municipality
Leaders of the care administration in Kalmar municipality attending commissioned training on the topic "Change Management and Business Development in the Public Sector"


At Linnaeus University, a unique range of research expertise can be found within the field of e-health. Through interdisciplinary research and close collaborations, we contribute to increased knowledge and provide a better basis for decision-making at individual, professional and national level, which is beneficial for our society.

Collaboration within e-health

At Linnaeus University, we conduct several collaboration projects within e-health.

Staff within e-health

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