Linnaeus Knowledge Environment: Water

Managing the Earth's water resources in a sustainable way is a major challenge. The purpose of the knowledge environment Water is to tackle this societal challenge by gathering and disseminating the knowledge required to create and manage a healthy water landscape.

About KM Vatten

We conduct solution-oriented research leading to transformative actions in the Småland region, to strengthen two multidisciplinary research themes tackling urgent issues:

(I) Water as Resource

The goal of this research theme is to promote the shift from a mindset where water is seen as an open access resource, to one where it is sustainably managed and provides crucial ecosystem services to society (i.e., to avoid the “tragedy of the commons”).

  1. Study factors influencing individual behavior and promoting sustainable water usage on domestic and municipal levels.
  2. Explore industrial symbiosis to promote efficient circulation and reuse of water at the industrial level.
  3. Determine innovative ways to monitor and manage water large-scale usage in the built environment and in agriculture.

(II) Water from Land to Coast and Sea

Understanding how global change influences the ecological status of natural waters is crucial to assure a constant provision of ecosystem services.

  1. Study entrepreneurial scenarios for sustainable livelihood and value creation in coastal Småland and Öland with aquaculture, tourism and wellbeing.
  2. Monitor biological and environmental parameters in coastal waters and rivers to inform climate adaptation measures and sustainable fisheries (both sport and commercial fishing), recreation and culture.
  3. Explore the interconnections of animal, wildlife and human health in aquatic environments, through novel studies of animal movements and disease/antibiotic resistance distributions below and above the water surface, to inform societal stakeholders of threats to potable water and recreational uses. 

Important features in both themes include strengthening the already close connection between Linnaeus Knowledge Environment Water research and education, to address the themes and contribute to the training of future water managers and researchers. To further broaden the curiosity and imagination in Water, and extend beyond a linear narrative on sustainable water management, we will collaborate with artists and designers to explore the waterways that are usually not explored. Citizen science initiatives will engage the broader society and bring about informed citizens able to influence decision makers on water in a sustainable society.

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Young Researcher's Conference 2024
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Welcome to the second annual Young Researchers Conference, 14 - 15 March 2024 in Kalmar.

The Linnaeus Knowledge Environments Green Sustainable Development and Water are pleased to announce their jointly sponsored conference for early career researchers in green and blue sustainable development.

Current projects


Our main two approaches for research are:

  • Water as resource
  • Water from land to coast and sea

More information about our research interests are found under the heading Approach above and in each research group below.



Our education spans several faculties and departments. A list of our main programs is found below.


We often conduct our research in collaboration with other actors from the public sector, the private sector and the civil society. These collaborations are highly valued and they also provide added value in the education, for example through guest lectures and degree projects. We also work actively to make our activities visible through popular science lectures and other events.

Steering group

Jarone Pinhassi is contact person and chair of Water.