Hand watering small seedlings

Support us – together we reach further

When we combine the knowledge and resources that exist among us individuals, institutions and society, conditions are created to understand what we have so far only touched on. To get there, we need to move together. It requires financial strength that can only be achieved with the support of individuals, companies, public organizations and foundations. Together we will reach further.

Together we make a difference

Contributing is one way to make an impact. When we start new educations or new research initiatives, we can attract new knowledge – knowledge that does not just stay within the framework of academia. For example, by supporting the work with new programs and their design, the outside world gets a chance to tell what their challenges are. Together we can create education and research that meets these challenges.

Towards a common future

To be at the forefront, we constantly need new impressions, new approaches, new ways of thinking. New challenges. They come from the småland business community. They come from the Öland paddock. They come from our everyday lives.

The research is done here – but it is in society that it benefits. Supporting us is a way to invest in new knowledge and new solutions, which create value for society, business and the public sector. It's our way of paying back.