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Water for human consumption

Region Kronoberg has funded a feasibility study with SEK 250,000 for a regional research center on sustainable water supply in southern Sweden.

Drinking water is our most important food, but clean water is also used for irrigation purposes, in sewage systems and in industry. Our collective water resources also provide ecosystem services in the form of fishing and recreational value. Despite the fact that Sweden is a very water-rich country from an international perspective, water shortages have occurred in several parts of the country in recent years.

Under ongoing and increasing climate change, a more variable climate with higher rates of floods and droughts is predicted. Flooding increases the risk of contamination of the water by, among other things, environmental toxins and droughts can lead to the mobilization of metal compounds and increasing concentrations of toxic substances.

The pre-study describes what knowledge currently exists regarding water extraction for a sustainable water supply in southern Sweden with a view of Europe. Bolmen is used as a concrete example with the various interests around water that are today expressed in the Bolmen area. The pre-study lists the need for competence and funding for a regional research center with a focus on sustainable future water supply to be presented. Within the framework of the feasibility study, two workshops have also been conducted and in the long term more activities are planned.

Read the feasibility study here

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Jarone Pinhassi, Leader Knowledge Environment Water

Valdete Hashani, Collaboration Advisor, valdete.hashani@lnu.se