Linnaeus University Big Band in action

Linnaeus University Big Band

It is said that music can unite people from different backgrounds and that it contributes to well-being. Linnaeus University Big Band is a good example of this. The band was established in September 2019, and it consists of students, members of staff, alumni, and friends of Linnaeus University. All but the conductor are amateurs who find joy and fellowship in making music together.

The band has rehearsal meetings once a month, in Emmaboda - halfway between Växjö and Kalmar.

Artistic director: Bernd Frey, Dipl. Music pedagogue and Phil.Dr. in Music and Concert Pedagogy. Bernd received the award as "Culture Driving Spirit of the Year" in Nybro municipality in 2022.

Linnaeus University Big Band is distinguished by its flexibility, and the goal is for the band to play without electronic amplification, which means a traditional big band sound where the musicians are at the center.

The band has a wide repertoire, from traditional jazz to modern pop/rock, and it has performed at various events connected to the university such as the Academic Ceremony and staff party. The band also played in Gröna Salen at Kalmar Castle in connection with Stiftelsen Barometern's 75th anniversary in 2022, and in November 2023, it participated in a concert at Nygatan 6 in Växjö. Musicians from the band have also played at the closing ceremonies for various educational programs in Kalmar and Växjö.

In February of 2024, Linnaeus Universtiy Big Band played ensemble music in connection with the Academic Ceremony in Växjö and on 7 April the band took part in a public concert in Växjö Concert Hall. 

Follow this link to see a recording of the performance (youtube)


  • Annelie Täck Walden, alto sax
  • Arvid Talp, trumpet
  • Bernd Frey, trumpet, band leader
  • Dan Bengtsson, percussion
  • Fredrik Ekvall, trumpet
  • Gustaf Carlsson, trombone
  • Joakim Salomonsson, electric guitar
  • Kai Ohlsen, trombone
  • Krister Karlsson, baritone saxophone
  • Lars Mühmel, piano/keyboard
  • Mats Elm, contrabass
  • Peter Gripstrand, trumpet
  • Rehan Sandul Kathriarachchi, trombone
  • Richard Schnell, alto sax
  • Robert Johansson, trumpet
  • Simon Lennartsson, tenor saxophone
  • Sonja Andersson, electric bass
  • Stefan Tobiasson, tenor saxophone
  • Sven Tågerud, trombone

Linnaeus University Big Band is a non-profit association. For inquiries about hiring the big band for performances or for further information about Linnaeus University Big Band, please contact the university's acting director artium Kerstin Brodén at or the band manager Yael Tågerud,