Why Linnaeus University

Freedom with responsibility, career opportunities, a developing environment and the possibility for inspiring meetings with students, researchers and members of staff. These are some of the reasons stated by our members of staff when asked why they stay at Linnaeus University.

Freedom with responsibility

"I have been given a lot of responsibility and this is something that has enabled me to grow as a person. I have learnt to stand on my own two legs and to fight for what I'm good at".
"This job has strengthened my self-esteem, it has contributed to me taking part in more activities also outside work".

Career opportunities

"This job has given me the courage to venture into new areas. It feels easier now, it's not such a big deal".
"If someone would have told me 40 years ago when I had just been awarded my bachelor's degree that I would become a professor I would not have believed them..."

Developing environment

"It is a fun place to work where a lot of stuff happens, the atmosphere is nice and you get a lot of contacts".
"It is good that we are a young university, that gives us more possibilities. We are progressive, not an old colossus".

Inspiring meetings

"I have developed by taking part in various interdisciplinary projects, it has been a lot of fun meeting people with different backgrounds".