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Moving to Sweden

Are you thinking about applying for a position at Linnaeus University and move to Sweden? Moving to another country is a big decision that influences your future career. Besides being a big decision, it also means a lot of bureaucracy and contact with authorities. The rules and laws in Sweden may be different from the ones you are used to, and the process of immigration is time-consuming and bureaucratic.

Restrictions due to Covid -19
Due to the pandemic, travel bans and other restrictions can be imposed with short notice. Make sure that you have updated information before travelling to Sweden.

Important websites
The border police are part of the Swedish Police Authority. They are responsible for monitoring the Swedish border. On their website you can find an FAQ regarding what applies on citizenship and permit: Swedish Police Authority

The Swedish Migration Agency provides general travel information.
It is most important that work permit exemptions are in line with Swedish Immigration law: The Swedish Migration Agency

The Swedish Government provides relevant and updated information on their website. Swedish Government

Swedish embassies around the world may provide country specific travel information. Checking the relevant embassy's homepage can be very helpful.

The Swedish Tax Agency provides information regarding moving to Sweden on their website: The Swedish Tax Agency

On the following webpages we have gathered the most important information that you need before you make the decision of joining working life in Sweden. The information is mainly about the rules that apply for international employees. To find out more about HR-related questions like salary, vacation, agreements and policies, health and safety etc, we advise you to go to