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Are you considering changing jobs? Do you also want to make the world a better place? If so, you've come to the right place.It is only when knowledge is set into motion that it becomes significant. Or in other words: there's a difference between talking about change and making change happen. At Linnaeus University, we stick our necks out and choose our own paths to get there. If you also want to help pave the way for the future, you are welcome to join us.

With us, you will find a dynamic workplace with over 2 000 engaged colleagues in Kalmar and Växjö. We are curious, fearless, and unpretentious. Here, you can make a difference as part of cutting-edge research, attractive education, or qualified administrative support. Our proximity to the business sector, both locally and globally, also gives us a long reach and the opportunity to make a lasting impact.

Welcome to apply for a job with us!

Jobs that make a difference

With us, you work as an employee in the service of the citizens, as a university is a government agency. You have both rights and obligations, as well as special benefits. Among all government agencies, it is education within universities that has the most employees.

Learn more about the common set of values for government employees:

Facts about Linnaeus University

  • Located in two cities, in the heart of Kalmar and a couple of kilometres south of Växjö city centre
  • About 40 000 students and 2 200 members of staff
  • Sweden's sixth-largest university
  • Actively works for social sustainability and equal conditions for both students and staff
  • Aligns with the UN's sustainability goals and offers many courses related to sustainability