Business Process Control and Supply Chain Management, Master Programme

Frontiers in Management Accounting & Process-based Control 120 credits

The program reflects those demands on efficiency, coordination, management and development of business processes in supply chains that global competition imposes. It contains two specializations; frontiers in management accounting & process-based control and frontiers in logistics & supply chain management.

The two-year program is composed by the two fields of logistics/supply chain management and management accounting, a combination that is unique of its kind. One common theme in the program is to find and create efficiency within supply chains together with supplier networks, in order to fulfill those demands of value creation for the end customer that a competitive market imposes.  Another important theme is, by developing and deployment of process-oriented information and control methods, to develop and streamline processes within parts of the own company and not the least between companies.

On the specialization; Frontiers in management accounting & business process control, you deepen your knowledge from the bachelor’s level. The first semester contains the courses Contemporary perspectives in management accounting (which approaches contemporary MA research and practice to design and work with modern management accounting systems), and advanced economic analysis, information systems & risk management (creating in-depth knowledge and abilities to work with goals, information and analyses in modern Management Accounting Systems). After the first semester, you will study integration of supply chains, the design of process based control models and inter-organizational management accounting, research methodology and e-business management. The master program is concluded by a master thesis. It is possible to graduate with a general master degree after one year. The program is held in English and recruits students from all over the world.

The other programme specialization Logistics & Supply Chain Management can be found here.


After graduation you can work both nationally and internationally within a broad area. On today’s labour market, there is demand for business graduates that can integrate with other companies and work for the end customer with an offensive and business-oriented approach. The programme prepares both for a professional career related to the management and control of business processes in supply chains, as well as an academic career. Some relevant job titles of alumni students and in the business life are Business Process Developer, Business Development Planner, Business controller, and Management Consultant.


Master of Science or Master of Science in Business and Economics (120 credits) with specialisation in Business Process Control and Supply Chain Management: Frontiers in Management Accounting & Business-Process Control


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